Malia needs to leave El Salvador. 23-years-old, a surfer and aspiring engineer, Malia came to Central America as a volunteer and fell in love with Ben, fellow volunteer. Malia's past year has been a kind of Golden Age: weeks spent building a much-needed rural aqueduct in the countryside, and weekends spent with Ben, riding perfect waves at The Point--an un-crowded world-class surf spot in the nearby port city of La Libertad. But El Salvador's tragic 2001 earthquake brings an abrupt end to their extended honeymoon, as well as to Malia's aqueduct.

Now free of obligations, they have an old Jeep Cherokee, a wad of cash, surfboards, and rough plans for an epic trip through South America. But just as they say goodbye to their gritty and beloved Salvadoran beach town, a mysterious American surfer known only as Pelochucho shows up--throwing cash around and persuading them to stay.

Days become weeks; documents go missing; money gets tight. Suddenly, Ben and Malia can't leave. Caught between bizarre real estate offers, suspect drug deals, and internal jealousies, this unlikely band of surfers, aid-workers, and opportunists all struggle to find their way through a fallen world.